Updated Hair Care Routine With Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Hair Mask

Haircare is something that I love to do and have been consistently doing for the past 2 years. Who doesn’t love the good hair days? Right?

Due to this prolonged quarantine and work from home lifestyle, I was searching for an updated hair care routine which is easy and can be done at home by myself.

I will be sharing my hair care routine along with my current favorite hair products.

I oil my hair once a week with a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil.
For better results, I would love to wait for about an hour.

My current favorite shampoo is Trichup Natural Hair Fall Control Shampoo from Vasu Healthcare. Vasu Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare brands for over 40+ years. So I thought why don’t give it a try?

The reason why I choose to try this product is that it’s herbal and is made in India.
It’s also paraben-free and with zero percent SLS and dioxane with are, of course, good for hair. This product is enriched with amla, licorice, and bhringaraj.

The price is Rs.160 for 200ml with a shelf life of 2 years which is pretty much affordable.
Getting rid of castor oil is a little tricky as it’s too sticky. But this product did a really good job of getting rid of the oil without making my hair too dry.
The shampoo is mild and doesn’t feel heavy on the hair. You don’t have to use any conditioner as it’s a shampoo with conditioner and the fragrance is great.

Most of the time I skip using hair mask and hair care routine becomes just washing hair after oiling. But using a hair mask is just as important as using a face mask. I would love to give my hair some extra pampering.
For the hair mask, I use Trichup Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask for hair fall control.
It’s of Rs.599 for 500ml with a shelf life of 3 years.

You have to just leave the hair mask on hair only for 10-15 minutes and can just rinse off without shampooing once again. It’s that easy!! And I love its fragrance.

I love to wrap my hair in a hot towel for better results. It’s optional.
My thin hair which is normally dry seems to be healthy and moist after following this hair care routine twice. It’s manageable and I love the hair texture after this home spa.

These products are suitable for all types of hair and it will reduce your hair fall to an extent once you get regular.
The good thing is that you don’t have to step out of your house to get a hair spa during this pandemic and wait for hours. This can be done in an hour by yourself.
Vasu Healthcare products are available in 40+ countries and can be ordered online.

Give it a try and see it for yourself. You can have a hair spa at home, without burning your pocket!!

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Why you need these type of relationships in your life?

She: This isn’t working!! I’m getting frustrated!! ?⁣⁣
How long I should hold on? ⁣⁣
He: Just a little longer. ⁣⁣
You will get there. ⁣⁣
Remember? HOPE ?⁣⁣
She: I’m Holding On till the Pain Ends?⁣⁣
He: You may not see any difference right now. ⁣⁣
But life holds so much great things for you. ⁣⁣
Hold on tight just a little longer. ⁣⁣
When all get well, you will be glad that you never gave up!! ❤⁣⁣
She: This helps!! ?❤⁣⁣

Hold On a Little Longer

You need people who believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.
Those people will fuel your dreams when you feel like quitting.

Who are those people in your life?

How to boost your gratitude during Quarantine?

Is the shadow of fear covering the light of your faith?

Don’t worry.

Make your light’s intensity with the immense power of gratitude.

Do you have food on your table?

A roof over your head? .

At least one person to lean on? .

A cellphone? .

The Internet connection? .

Most importantly you are breathing!! Right? .

You don’t have to be too stressed, because this too shall pass. .

Helen Keller once said,

” So much has been given to me; I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied.” .


Imagine, what a privilege it is to have a body to breathe, see, feel, walk, or just to be in. .
Can we just boost our gratitude? .

I have some tips.

1. Look around you and find 3 objects you see first.
What are you grateful for about these objects? .

2. Open your phone’s gallery and find your favorite photograph.
What makes this photograph your favorite?
Is it the composition? Or the people in it?
How are you grateful for it? .

Do let me know if you tried these tips.
May you have a million things to be grateful for. .

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why positive affirmations are so powerful?

Do you know which is the most powerful word in the entire universe?

It’s I.
You will become what you attach with I’m.

If you are saying I’m happy, you will be happy.
If you are saying I’m sad, then you will definitely be sad.
Your present is a reflection of what you attached to I’m and your future will be what you are gonna attach with I’m.
That’s why Buddha told that you will become what you think.

We live most life inside our head. Don’t you want to make it a happy place?
Whatever your current life situations might be, tell yourself the story of your dream life.
It may not come to you overnight, but it will for sure.

If you are feeling unconfident, stand in front of a mirror, stare into your eyes and repeat ” I’m confident” about 10 times.

For every concern of yours, change it into a positive affirmation.
It will help you for sure.

I know, you may not agree with me, but if you are ready to try my tip, I can prove it to you.
So right now I want to say it loud that,

  • I’m happy.
  • I’m enough.
  • I’m loved.
  • I’m healthy.
  • I’m worthy.

Which one of these you would love to tell yourself ??.

What’s the Best gift you can give to someone you love?

What’s the best gift you can give someone??

You may suggest the names of the most unique or costly gift.

But if you ask me, the only answer I have is TIME.

It’s one of the cutest things in this universe that you can’t buy even if you are the richest person on this planet.

Like age, time can move only forward.

Time and energy are aspects that determine your life because where you invest it makes the person you are physically, emotionally and financially.

You can search for heaven anywhere you ever know, dig deeper all day and night for that treasure you are dreaming for,
But you won’t ever be happy until you realize that the real treasure is with you as your loved ones.

  • So invest your time wisely.
  • Appreciate the existence of your loved ones,
  • Be grateful for what you have.

If someone is investing their time in you,
it’s not because they are stupids,
it’s because
you matter them the most. ❤

Trust The Process

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams by leaving behind all the negative patterns and people in your life??

What’s holding behind you from creating your dream life?
May be you are still waiting to see the entire staircase before taking the first step.
But is it really necessary?

If are always anxious about why your goals aren’t fulfilled yet, may be it’s because you aren’t patient enough to wait and trust the process.
Instead of focusing on the whole staircase, try to focus on one step at a time.
Gradually you will receive what you have wished for.

Dream big.

Believe in your dream. Believe that it’s possible for you to achieve it.

Put your effort and work for it with your whole heart.

Trust the universe. Trust the process.

Be grateful for what you have and where you are in life right now.


Fulfill your dream.❤

If you are patient enough to trust the creator and keep moving forward, no matter what, you will receive your blessings soon. ?

Dear Self, I Love You

Last year this time I had no idea how is everything gonna workout in my life.

But now looking back I see a roller coaster of events which took place that changed my life forever.

So whenever I feel low, I always remind myself to be grateful for all the people and things I have right now.

If you are self sabotaging yourself, I just want you to remind you that next year this time your life will be the best.

Full of best things and most importantly, best people.❤

But for now, be grateful.?

Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your Thoughts?

” What you think, you become.”

How many of you haven’t heard of this quote?
I’m pretty sure that it’s something that we listen very often.
But is it true?

After reading so many books and articles, and analyzing my thoughts each day, I realized that this statement is a fact
Our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality.

The simplest example of it is a bad day in your life.
You stepped outside of the house, and something got wrong.
Maybe you forgot your phone or missed the bus and you got upset about it.
After that, you came across so many things which went wrong and felt so awful which made your day a “bad day “. Have you ever thought of the reason behind it?
It’s because of your thoughts.

Whatever thoughts you have most during a day, your subconscious mind will register it as truth.
If you think that today is a bad day, your subconscious mind registers it as a bad day and will bring more circumstances for you to make it real.

That’s why the things you are always scared of or afraid of about which you get worried quite often happens quickly.
That’s why Henry Ford said,

” Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”

If you want to change your life experiences, you have to change your thoughts.

It’s not an easy way but it’s worth working for.

Update your mindset to an optimistic one.

Simple Steps That You Can Start Doing To Protect Our Species !!

“In nature, nothing exists alone.”
— Rachel Carson, 1962

Everywhere you go on our planet, there is something alive around you.Nature’s gifts to our planet are the species that we know and love, along with the many more that we have yet to discover.

Unfortunately, we have upset the balance of nature and the world is facing the greatest rate of extinction.


Do you remember growing up and seeing a certain type of plant or animal that you don’t see anymore?
Do you go on trips into nature only to find less wildlife than you remember from previous visits?

A vast number of animals and plants have gone extinct in recent centuries due to human activity.Many others
are in serious decline and threatened with extinction.


Protect our Species watercolor drawing flatlay
Protect our Species

We cannot protect any one species in an ecosystem without protecting the eco-system itself. That is the key message behind the Protect our Species Campaign.
We cannot just protect the species we like or that we can visit during a trip to a national park.
We cannot just protect the species that provide us with services.
We must protect all species, because in the end, that is the one and only way to prevent more extinctions.

These are simple steps that you can start doing in your daily life to protect our species:

  • Reduce our overall consumption.
  • Reduce your use of energy.
  • Reduce your water consumption.
  • Don’t consume wild life products
  • Reduce pollution.
  • Reduce use of plastic.

Join Earth Day Network along with your friends and family to Protect Our Species and Earth!!

For more details log on to https://www.earthday.org

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