World Earth Day 2020

World Environment Day 2020 | Significance | Theme | Hosting| Steps we can take

And the time arrived,
when nature began to pull you down,
from the throne,
you built over love.

She gave you her breath,
gave her water,
gave her heart and soul,
to make you happy.

But you,
conquered all her blessings,
took power in your hands,
and established your kingdom.

Not anymore!!

It’s Time for Nature!!

Raise your voice
Let’s build back her together

For a better future
A better planet!!

Nayana S Kumar
World Environment Day 2020 | Protecting Biodiversity

What is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day as the name suggests is an initiation by the United Nations, celebrated to encourage activities and practices to protect nature.
This day celebrated since 1974, intends to spread awareness and taking actions on environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, and so on.

why the world environment day is celebrated on June 5th?

The UN General Assembly designates 5 June as World Environment Day, marking the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.
Another resolution, adopted by the General Assembly the same day, leads to the creation of the UN Environment.

The theme of world environment day 2020

Each year there will be a theme and one of the world countries will host the celebration.
The theme of 2020 is Protecting Biodiversity which is hosted by Colombia with the support of Germany.

What is biodiversity and how it’s important?

Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variability of living things that makes up life on Earth.

Decrease in biodiversity due to environmental causes such as pollution, alien species, global warming so on will result in the reduction in nature’s capacity to provide its resources in the best ways.

What we can do to protect biodiversity?

There are so many ways through which we can adopt biodiversity protection as an individual or firm, business, educational institutes, leaders, even as cities.
Either it’s a tiny little step or a big leap, every efforts matter.
COVID has taught us a lot of things that will hopefully pave the wave for a new earth.

steps we can take as an individual

  • Build a home garden.
    No need to be a fancy one, but a realistic one.
    How awesome is to have your veggies in your garden?
  • Stop throwing wastes here and there. Let them end up in their home; the waste bin.
  • Carry a cloth bag with you when you go out.
    If you buy something, you don’t have to run to the single-use plastic bags.
  • Clean your refrigerator once a week.
    By cleaning, you can find those veggies or fruits hiding behind other stuff in your refrigerator.
    Use it before it gets spoiled, and also save some bucks by avoiding wasting groceries.
  • Conserve energy whenever possible.
    Turn off your lights, fans, and AC after use.
    Make use of natural light when its available.

If you are interested to know more about it, please visit,


So what are you doing on this environment day?
Tell me in the comment section below.

I Can

how to figure out when to change your life?

“And the day came⁣⁣
when the risk to remain tight in a bud⁣⁣
was more painful than ⁣⁣
the risk took to blossom” ⁣⁣
~Anaïs Nin⁣⁣
This might be the moment when you decide to change your life, even if it’s too risky.⁣⁣
Most of the times people love to stay in the comfort zone and they go into an autopilot mode.⁣⁣
But there is no growth inside your comfort zone. ⁣⁣
I did numerous things which I was so uncomfortable doing but I did it anyway. ⁣⁣
I turned out so many opportunities just because I felt it wasn’t something I wanted to do.⁣⁣
Because I was done with my autopilot mode.⁣⁣
If someone tells you you can’t do anything or you won’t succeed, just don’t respond to them.⁣⁣
But tell yourself in your mind that you can!! ⁣⁣

There is no point in arguing with someone who doesn’t believe in you.⁣⁣
Instead, show them how talented you are!! ⁣⁣
What happens if a caterpillar is refusing to come out of its cocoon? ⁣⁣
Is it what you are also doing?⁣⁣

how unique are you? | Poem

How rare and beautiful you are.⁣⁣
Your beauty is one thing,⁣⁣
but a pure heart,⁣⁣
that’s beautiful,⁣⁣
that’s rare.⁣⁣
You are the moon,⁣⁣
among those millions of stars,⁣⁣
for whom you shine,⁣⁣
and light up their world. ⁣⁣

You are Rare and Beautiful

You aren’t invisible, ⁣⁣
but rare,⁣⁣
that not everyone can see you,⁣⁣
except for the one with a kind heart. ⁣⁣
You were created, ⁣⁣
by the universe, ⁣⁣
to be rare,⁣⁣
to be you.⁣⁣❤

is it okay to change your career?

How many of you have been criticized for changing your career or choosing a career unrelated to your graduation subject?

If you are an engineer, I’m sure that at least 50% of you may have come across such criticisms.

I’m one of those engineers who didn’t get a job in the field of their graduation subject and have faced hardcore criticism for trying a job in another area.

Even before I started taking arts seriously, people criticized me for trying government jobs in other fields and bank jobs being an engineer.

I remember the mom of a B.Com graduate once said, ” Why are these engineering graduates trying for bank jobs?? Bank jobs should be given only to commerce graduates!!”

Even one of my schoolmate once said that I should be ashamed of myself for trying other jobs because I’m an engineering graduate!!


I Choose to be an Artist

Do there exist any rule that I can’t work in another field and be successful?

Everyone wants to be independent and successful in life. Each human being on this planet deserves the best experience they could ever have in their life. So no one other than you has the authority to decide what your career should be!!

It’s not necessary that your job should be in precisely the same field of your graduation. Sometimes to keep growing, you need to change the pot!!

Many engineers are successful actors and artists.
Many doctors are successful civil servants and actors.
Many business graduates are successful artists and chefs.
Many designers are successful bloggers and writers.

People work years in a field and then realize that they were intended to be in another area. But its all the part of the journey, and you still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want!!

Don’t let the fear of what others think stop you from the career you want to pursue!!

This blog post is dedicated to all those beautiful souls whose education subject and career path are poles apart.

I would love to know what you studied and what’s your career now!!

Why you should write a letter to yourself?

Would you like you, if you met you?⠀

What’s inside the envelope of your heart? ⠀

Whatever the answer might be, it’s a secret between you and only you. ⠀

You may think that your favorite self was your past self or your favorite self will be your future self. ⠀

Either way l, how will you uncover the answers? ⠀

I have a suggestion for you. ⠀

Write a letter to yourself!! ⠀

Open the envelope of your heart and pour all the love this person to whom you are writing this letter. ⠀

Tell them ⠀
how strong they are, ⠀
the way they are overcoming each obstacle, ⠀
ways they are healing each of the wounds.⠀

Make them realize their worth,⠀
all the wonderful abilities they have,⠀
how unique and special they are. ⠀

You might be thinking that you had only a bud if love in your heart.⠀

But you will realize that your bud has now grown into a beautiful flower despite all the unfavorable conditions.⠀

When you open this letter 5 years from now, you will be amazed!! ⠀

You will realize how silly is your 90% of current problems, then!! ⠀

So ⠀
Would you like you, if you met you??⠀

A Letter To Yourself

best life changing books i’ve read | the four agreements by don miguel ruiz

Today I would like to talk about a book which influenced me a lot.

It’s The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

This little book talks about the 4 agreements that one make with himself, to live a peaceful and fulfilled life.

For me keeping this agreement seems tedious.
But I’m sure that the effect of all the inner chaos can be healed to an extent if I tried to keep these agreements even 50%.

The Book That Changed My Life- The Four Agreements

The 4 agreements are:

1. Be impeccable with your word.

Words, either it’s yours or others, they are powerful.
How you talk to yourself matters the most.
One of the core reasons for our self-doubt and fears are how we talk and how others talk about us.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

Most of the conflicts occur among people when they take things personally.
If someone says that we are awful, we become angry or irritated, and this results in total mental conflicts and problems in our relationships with others and ourselves.
You do you!!
Does someone hate you? Fine. Leave them alone.
You know what you are in the true authentic self and that’s enough.

3. Don’t make assumptions

I’m so expert in making assumptions and jumping into conclusions.
But when I communicate well, I tend to make fewer assumptions and try to understand the circumstance better.
For me keeping clear communications with people matters the most.
It helps me to get clear on things and avoid unnecessary anxieties or mess.

4. Always do your best.

Do your best.
The best in your perspective. Not others.
While reflecting back, if you feel that you have given your best, then there is no room for guilt or sadness in your mind.
Your best might not be the best in someone else’s perspective. And that’s okay.

The Four Agreements

These agreements may sound simple. But keeping these agreements with yourself might not be as easy as it seems to be.
But there is no harm in trying.

Which is the one book that influenced you in your life?
Share with us.
Because sharing is caring!!

This post is dedicated to someone who never gives up on me, even when I don’t keep all these agreements.

Success Habits

How Habits decide your future? The butterfly effect

Do you believe that success will knock on your door only if you decide something great?

Only those great leaps you are planning will take you to your dream destination?


Even those tiny little actions you take every single day will make your goals much closer.

You don’t decide your future
You choose habits
Your habits decide future
~Atomic Habits

A butterfly flaps its wings and it could set a hurricane!

Which means, your small decisions or slight alterations can have an unimaginable impact on your life.

This is how people pursue side hustles.

Consistent actions will add up and when you look back, you will realize that you have taken a leap in your life.

What’s your one tiny little step, that you are willing to do every single day, which will add up eventually to your growth??

Success Habits

For me, it’s reading every single day.
At least one page.

” Do, you shall have the power ” ~ The Slight Edge.

Book in the photograph: Until love sets us apart.

Break Your 4 Minutes Mile

Break your 4-minutes mile | how to achieve impossible things

Do you know the story of 4 minutes mile?
Okay, let me tell you what it is.

Is it possible to run a mile in 4 minutes?
Of course, it is.

But in the 1950s it was like trying to catch the moon with hands.

Many famous athletes tried to cover a mile in 4 minutes, since 1886. But all of their efforts turned out to be fruitless.

The 4 min mile stood as a barrier for decades and made people believe that it is impossible for a human to achieve it.
Experts stated that one can cover a mile in 4 mins only when the temperature is 68 degrees with no wind, and the track being hard and dry.

But on a cold day, in a wet track, a man called Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier in just 3 minutes 59 secs!!
Bannister, at the age of 25 made headlined around the world on May 6th, 1954 as the first person to run a mile under 4 minutes.

When may people considered the 4-minute mile as unachievable, Bannister went that extra mile even though it felt terrific.

When many athletes gave up after trying, he decided to be exceptional.
He went for that EXTRA effort which made him EXTRA- ordinary from ordinary.

Break Your 4 Minutes Mile

We too have those 4 minutes miles, that are standing as a barrier in our dream life.
Many of us leave our race midway because of the myth that our goal is unachievable.
But we often forget that when we go that extra mile, the road is uncrowded and clear.

Before leaving something midway, think for a moment.

What if you decided to take that risk?
What if you go that extra mile?
What if the road to your dreams is uncrowded and you can travel through it solo?

It is said that about 20 people broke the 4 minutes mile barrier within one year of Bannister’s world record.
Why?? Because he did something impossible.
Or something that people believed to be impossible.

Don’t be afraid to shine.
Because your sunshine can make some other’s sunflowers to bloom!! 

How to read more? 4 easy tips

If you are a bookworm, you will totally agree with this.
Reading gives us someplace to go, wander there without actually going.

Last year, I had decided to read a book every month.

I wasn’t able to complete a book every month, but I read books every day.
What I realized is that, if I waited to complete an entire book to start reading next, it takes me so long and I skip reading for days.

But when I started reading randomly, I started reading more.
Want to read more? These tips may help you.

1. Spare 20 minutes or more each day for reading or commit to reading 10 pages or more each day.

2. Select a book to read accounting to your mood. You don’t have to read because you have read.  Read only if you want to.

3. Join a book club.

4. Try a reading challenge.

Which book are you reading?
Do you have any other tips?

Let me know!!