Why you should write a letter to yourself?

Would you like you, if you met you?⠀

What’s inside the envelope of your heart? ⠀

Whatever the answer might be, it’s a secret between you and only you. ⠀

You may think that your favorite self was your past self or your favorite self will be your future self. ⠀

Either way l, how will you uncover the answers? ⠀

I have a suggestion for you. ⠀

Write a letter to yourself!! ⠀

Open the envelope of your heart and pour all the love this person to whom you are writing this letter. ⠀

Tell them ⠀
how strong they are, ⠀
the way they are overcoming each obstacle, ⠀
ways they are healing each of the wounds.⠀

Make them realize their worth,⠀
all the wonderful abilities they have,⠀
how unique and special they are. ⠀

You might be thinking that you had only a bud if love in your heart.⠀

But you will realize that your bud has now grown into a beautiful flower despite all the unfavorable conditions.⠀

When you open this letter 5 years from now, you will be amazed!! ⠀

You will realize how silly is your 90% of current problems, then!! ⠀

So ⠀
Would you like you, if you met you??⠀

A Letter To Yourself

8 thoughts on “Why you should write a letter to yourself?”

  1. I love how you pose-if you met you would you like you? I think we should all have that in the back of our minds so that we always try to work on the things that need to be changed so we can become better people.

  2. I love this! I’m going to co-host a workshop soon on writing a love letter to yourself and revisit it when we’re not feeling our best. I also noticed during my deep reflections that what’s holding me back from loving myself is my fear of not being good enough. I wrote more on this discovery on my personal development publication and think it might be a good compliment to this article! https://strivewithme.com/the-fear-of-not-being-good-enough/

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